Thursday 24 October 2013


On The 23rd of October the Google technology Club Had their first club Training event which was on Gmail(Google Mail).The Club had new members(level 100) of which we welcomed  and  had fun with them in our fun segment which consisted of Brian tizers and other fun activity, also swags and other price were given out participating candidate. After all the activities we started the presentation of GmailOne might ask what is Gmail?.Gmail is an online mail service provided by Google to it users to send mails through email address and also provided variety of fuction and features which help its user. Today iam going to teach people around the world and in those in the Google club how to create Gmail account and enjoy the various features it provide, in create a Gmail:

1.One should first and foremost open the browser(Gchrome,Mozilla,Iexplorer and so on)
2.When you open any of the browsers goto the address bar at the top of your browser and type or one can prefer to type at the address bar  the google home will open, it consist of the search the person can search or gmail or can click on the new grid button on the top right and  gmail would open
3. After opening gmail one has to create an account if you are using gmail for the first time,this create account tab is found at the far right corner of the gmail home page click on it and a form would open where one has to type various information.
4.After one is done signing up or creating an account he or she is given a user name and password, try signing in with this user name and password word to see whether your email address and password are working
5.When you sign  into gmail,there a lot of features the the gmail web mail provides .      
6.One can compose a message by clicking the compose tab and compose a message
7.One can also star his or mail which is very important
8.One can organize his or her information by creating Lables
6.One can create a signature for everybody to see his contact details
7.One can customize gmail page by adding theme
8.Gmail also allows you to send emails from your phone to any mail provided one has synced gmail with mobile phone , this feature could applied on feature phones aside smart phones,one would  be provided with 30 credit to use and the most interesting thing is that one can get 7 credit more added to the credit if one replies to a message.

9.Gmail enables you to undo save a message,thus when you send a message which you fill it’s not good one can undo save  message and send a new one
10.If you want to add new features to your email go to Labs which found in the seeting to add a new fature.
Remember that Gmail is vital to google and it could be used in your homes ,school and office,if any of you did not get this blog post please vist google support group for assistance or and  google resource help service for support     

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  1. Hi, I think this is rather interesting, I just don't get why this is any different than simple email forwarding.
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