This page consist of various event or programs the club would be having for the semester.This programs for the semester is to inform and update the cherished club members what the club would doing every semester.The event or programs for the semester are listed as follows:



The  club activity  involve various presentation(hands on training) on  Google products and the fun activity incorporated in during the presentation made by Google Student Ambassador(GSA)/Club President and Team on Wednesday

1 Adclass: Adclass is a hands on training event which would train student on various google resources like Adword,Admob,Analytics and so on,after the training it would enable student partake in the Google online Marketing Challenge(GOMC)
2. GOMC:Google Online Marketing Challenge/GOMC as people call it would be part of our activity this semester after student are than with the adclass they would be able to apply their skill and knowledge acquired from the training to challenge the world
3.    Google Groups: This Google Tool would enable student to know how to use a mailing list either for their class, club and other important activities

4.    Social Media Platform (G+):This where  members of the club would be thought how to use the 
G+ platform very well

5.    Google Drive: This tool would be used to teach various  student on how to share document online through google drive and how this tool can help the student in their various fields of study

6.    Blogger: This Google tool would be used teach various participate on how to create a good blog how it can be benefit various student in their academic and business life

7.    Google sites: This platform would be used to help student create a site via google tools without any difficulty

8.    Mapping: This Google tool  would be used to show the student how to map.This tool would enable participant of the club to be able to map their community and other places outside their communities.

9.    YouTube: This Google tool would teach various student on how to create a good video out of YouTube

10.   The Internship: This movie would be shown to student in other for them to know about the  Google culture and internship,other movies would be shown to them in other for them to increase their passion

11.   Google Translator: This tool would help student to know how to use Gtranslator very effectively.

12.   Google Adwords:This tool would be created in other to enable student on how to use the adwords feature to  market online.

13.   Google Search: This Tool would be used to teach student on how to go about various search options from google.

14.   Google Trader,Google Barazer and other Google tools would be taught to the schools community.

15.   Tech News:This platform would be used in providing update in new trends of technology

16.   Google Academy Exam :This exams would be taking by prospective student after they are done with the semesters presentation.
I hope all club activity and event listed are cool, innovative and well noted, I hope to get a positive feedback. Please take note of the way I have presented my proposal, correction is welcome in case of any mistake or organization so that I can make a better or improve upon my presentation the next time I am sending a proposal.
Happy Days

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