Thursday 23 October 2014



            Google Club CUC welcomes all freshmen to this vibrant association(Club). It is therefore a great journey for all freshmen to be part of this school and with colossal enthusiasm to have technology in mind. It is part of our aims and objectives to push technology to the next level through high innovations. It is on this trend that the entire executives and all the noble members of this vibrant club welcome all Level 100s to Google Club.

           There is absolutely more innovations to offer you geared towards increasing your knowledge on software and  other contents. We will make your stay in this club a happy one by enjoying all our entertainment segments including brain teasers, debates, dancing competition and a lot more, each and every week.

            Google Club CUC would like to wish you all the best with your stay in this school and this club as well. Make Google Club CUC your home of innovations because your well-being in the technological cycle is our utmost priority. Thanks

                                   WE LOVE YOU ALL

By: Mr. Emmanuel Aidoo


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