Wednesday 27 November 2013

Opportunity For Pre-University Student (GSOC 2014)

Here's an opportunity for Pre University Students, please share with your networks and any secondary schools that you've been working with.

"The Google Code-in is a global, online contest introducing 13-17 year old pre-university students to open source development that will begin in a couple of weeks on November 18th. This is our fourth year to run the contest, we've had over 1200 students participate in the last 3 years from 71 countries. Students work on tasks in categories such as coding, documentation, outreach, UI and research for 10 open source projects (including KDE, Sahana Software Foundation, Wikimedia, Drupal and Sugar Labs)"
So student whoare in JSS and SSS who have some kind of Coding ability can Take part in the challenge
Videos of how this challenge runs is below

Published by :Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi


On the 6th of November, 2013 undertook a training of how to use one of google's apps called GOOGLE GROUPS. One might ask what is google groups? It is a free service from Google Inc. that supports discussion groups, including many Usenet newsgroups, based on common interests.

1.One should first and foremost open the browser(Google chrome ,Mozilla, explorer and so on)
2.When you open any of the browsers go to the address bar at the top of your browser and type Google in the address bar or another may type and type google groups in the search engine.
3. After opening google groups, one has to create a group . If you are using google groups for the first time, the create group tab is found on the extreem left corner of the google group home page. Click on it and a from will pop up where you will have to provide certain details expected of you.
4.Fill out the details which are very important and apply
5.After you are than creating the group you can search for group to see whether the group.
Below is a video on how to create a google group

Published By:Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi
                    & Immanuel Toffah

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Google Scholarship And Opportunities For Student

Google Has re-opened the Aninata Borg Scholarship ones again this year and the scholarship is basically aimed at support female student who are passsionate about tech in education and willing to make a difference in the tech industry and also scholarship for the disabled student which it aime is to brake the barriers of the ability world,so various student who are interested should visit this link Google Opportunities

Published By: Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi(GSA)

Wednesday 6 November 2013


On the 31st October,2013 the Google Club was to have a hand on training one of google's apps called Google Groups,but unfortunately the internet service was very bad so the training could not take place. In the upsence of internet, my team and I decided to have a fun event.

The fun event involved dancing,trivia question and brain teasers(riddles). my team and I asked simple goggle questions and the audience and members answered favorable,the dance we organized were local dances like azonto,skela and ninetees dance and it was very awesome. Everybody was extremely excited. These are some videos from the meeting.

The battle was between our very own Olele vrs Emmanuel who treated the club to a very exciting time. After the fun event, former president of the Google Club Andy Akwei advised the club in general using a ten dollar note to teach members about life. The meeting was brought to a close after a prayer by one of our members.

Published by Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi                     
      Google Student Ambassador(GSA) and
           Immanuel Tofuah