about us

this club is a tech club that basically teach student on how to use and manage the product of google and how they can use this product and tools successfully in class and outside the club

 The club was co-founded by Leonard Hagan and Felix Nartey who were passionate about tech with the help of the dean of student enable the club to come into existence.Leonard Hagan who was the  first
Google Student Ambassador set down the pace to which he achieved during the time that he was in office and Felix Nartey who was his vice in the Google Club became the next Google Student Ambassador with Andy his Co-ambassador to which in their term of office the worked very hard in other to sell the brand of Google apps to the student and the staff of the school

our vision:
1.learn,share and know more about google technology
2.create an open group to developers and expects as part of our project
3.train members to have exposure togoogle technologies
4.help raise high the good name of the university

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