Head Of GDG,
Andrews Lartey.

 Hello Everybody,
                              Hope every one is doing fine. The blogging competition has been set. I have already informed you all on the rudiments, however, I will give the details in my next blog. Any ways I want all of if possible to take part in this competition organized by wiki Ghana Let us get into this competition.Thank you.

Head Of GDG,
Andrews Lartey.

These little annoying unstable naughty funny words...called <marquee>. Who created them?Love or Hate them!!

   I just don't know why I wrote my topic in red today and big. Huh, these <marquee> what creatures are they?, who created them? and where were they created?
     Dissection of these creatures in the lab and castration of the male ones:
*What creatures are these?
  Marquees are software creatures. They live in the electronic world. They are tiny yet powerful creatures in the sense that they affect how 'text' behaves in a browser in an html document. They do this by attaching themselves to the words they affect. They inject their chemicals into the words like this 
<marquee behavior="..."  direction="...">.......</marquee> .

*Who created them:
  :( don't know yet but the last time I spoke to him...they said the man was dead. I kind of don't know his name and never met him. Sorry.....

*Where were they created?
   In the lab where there were a lot of computer geeks and computers. Can be Bell Labs but I don't know yet. But now they can be created on your computer.

Enough of the talk here: try out these codes  for a review on Friday.Try to memorize a lot for a short quiz. Prices will be awarded, bear in mind, thank you is a gift of appreciation but we mean a solid gift.

*<marquee behavior="slide" direction="left">Your slide-in text goes here</marquee>
*<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left">Your scrolling text goes here</marquee>
*<marquee behavior="alternate">Your bouncing text goes here</marquee>
*<marquee  behavior="scroll" direction="up">Your upward scrolling text goes here</marquee>
*<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="1">Slow scroll speed</marquee>
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="10">Medium scroll speed</marquee>
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="20">Fast scroll speed</marquee>
*<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"><img src="/pix/smile.gif" width="100" height="100" alt="smile" /></marquee>
*<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left">
<img src="/pix/smile.gif" width="100" height="100" alt="smile" />
<p>Sample text under a <a href="/html/codes/scrolling_images.cfm">scrolling image</a>.</p>

Each * represents a new line. Practice for the next class.
Thank all aya, It's Dr.Enigma.


Head Of GDG,
Andrews Lartey.
Hello everybody, 
                           I told you I was going to come back, just like Terminator: I'm Back. Oh guys, you did me simple indeed. Your cool massage has really brought me back to take you to the next level of coding in html. This time around I need you to put in efforts because I require real work in here. 

Tools required:
* A focused, determined mind.

*Confidence more than a chicken, if u can be more confident than this chicken down here.Just believe in yourself that you can do this irrespective of the discipline (department) you are in.
I can do this programming thing you guys are talking about.So you too can 'cos I'm a chicken.
*Assertive : know what you want and do it right. Don't look at all what others say to quench your passion.

*Relax. Be relaxed. The road is smooth but mind you soo rough i tell you again. The truth is relax to get on the road of programming so that you are not scared of its tedious topsy turvy road in the middle to kick you off the mountain. It is exciting to start it but tough in the middle. If you love it, relax by practicing more, having wild imaginations of what you will do with it, kill it dead by coding what you imagine before your kryptonite of weary grabs you.
      We are here now, so as we did this Friday, let's take a look:
<head><title>HELLO WORLD!</title>
<body>I am a beginner <h1> I'm happy </h1>
<h2>I'm smily</h2>
<p align="center"> please <p>
<marquee> connect me </marquee>
<marquee> hahhahaha im a joke,im serious </marquee>

Okay, so this is simple, disorganized code for all of us. Try the following codes in the next blog just as I told you all that we are going to see more of the < marquee> effects in our next lesson. Do this and I will take a look at the funny thing we all did. Don't forget to be crazy, it's a beautiful world.Try things out.

  Thanks all aya, It's Dr.Brain :)



Head Of GDG,
Andrews Lartey.
Before I hit on the floor for this welcome address, allow me to introduce to you the "Rainbow Potty". It is a new software of life which is based on the fact that, life has been programmed to reward one of his or her efforts no matter what unless bugs creep in to cause malfunction. And at the end of the rainbow potty is a treasure; only those who follow it will find it. So this semesters truth for life is: Let us follow the rainbow to get to the treasure.The rainbow is hardwork, teamwork, creativity, innovation,reliability,dedication and googleness; combination of these features is a bright life towards a bright future.

*Clearing throat*
  Hello googlers, for an informal welcome address like this, I wish to announce that we are free to be crazy in here but remember "CRAZY" here stands for Creativity, Renovation, Agility, Zealousness and Yes. Yes being the odd one out means you agree to everything about it. This semesters work will be more practical and seriousness in attendance, programming, and google events. 
With respect to attendance,an online ranking will take place to award special gifts to all consistent attendants. Not only that, but the time you attend too because, the googleness in you should reflect you are time conscious. The coding side of GDG will require you to have your own means of having your work close to you. This is to ensure you have more time to practise. However, google events are important to attend in the sense that, you widen your network of people in the corporate world and you get to know more about google and google products. This semester is full of accomplishments. I can't do it alone n u can't do it alone, we need ourselves.We appreciate each one of us because in our blood we have the google genes. We are replicas of this google world.
To conclude, the time table for this semester will be on the blog on 11/04/2014, so watch out. Anyway, dont mind me for writing out my blog like this. In my world, things should be creative and inspiring yet crazy.Just let me see more from you too. Hola....your lessons on html follows now.....

P.S..errrrmmm I have to clear out something here. My new name is Dr.Brain or Dr.Enigma (pronounced Nigma).

                                                                                            Thanks all aya(My new greetings).

Head Of GDG,
Andrews Lartey.
Hi there!, do me simple now. Just try this and get the confidence to use me well. Here are tools you need to work on me to make me work.
  • Text Editor: Notepad (you don't need to download me. I'm found in your windows as a text editor not  my brother MS Word). Yh that's me and no one new.
  • A Browser: I stand for all browsers. I can be Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer. I enable you to   interpret your codes(tags) because I understand the giberish you write in notepad and I interpret it for you to read or see. HTML tags tickle me and I love them.
  • HTML Tags Information: Hm! you need to know a lot about me to use me to do what you want. The best way is to read more about me then you can use me well and to your satisfaction.

And don't forget, I'm not a programming language. I'm a markup language and my ability has added hypertext to my name. For you to understand me , I have to do a little introduction about myself.

My ability is called HYPERTEXT. This is what I do. I link web pages together, that is, I'm the way in which web pages (HTML documents) are linked together. You sometimes tickle me to move to another page on a web, by clicking on a link in the web.
This is me, A MARKUP LANGUAGE. This describes how I work in conjunction with my friend the Browser. Play with words by marking them up("mark up") to tell my friend the browser how to structure it to display. You are using the normal words you understand to control my friend just by how you decorate these words to mean different instructions......woooow that's awesome...coooool.

By understanding and knowing me, you will be confident to start learning my masters JAVA, PYTHON, C++, JAVASCRIPT, etc who are real programming languages. I'm a confidence booster and mind trainer. See me in my new blog tada.
Thank you, it's Andrews :)

Head Of GDG,
Andrews Lartey.
Date: 23/11/2013.
Full of energy, full of vibe, full of vision, full of zeal, full of optimistic drive just like the space ship we take off with heat and energy heading towards our main goal of becoming the best developers for google and Ghana.
We have just introduced ourselves to what we expect and what we are going to do to realize it. To all GDG members, this is your opportunity to understand the underlinnings of the applications you see and how to develop them to the advantage of man.
Discipline is of the essence, integrity pays and reliability and diligence should be your hallmark. Read a lot, research more, practice ever.However, in our next meeting we are going to go through some basics of  HTML. To keep up with pace, just read ahead pals. GOOD LUCK AND SEE YOU IN THE NEXT MEETING.It's Andrews.:)

Head Of GDG,
Andrews Lartey.
Date : 22/11/2013.


Today's training session was fantastic. GDG CUC is seeing a new set of rules and regulations to restructure the system. An introduction was made to new members, especially level 100 students. Today's session was fantastic because the introduction of some rules and regulations will definitely incur discipline, respect and integrity in defining how to conduct ourselves as developers.

However, below are the bullets of the various slides we went through :

  • How training sessions are going to be conducted.
  • Conventions which are going to be used during training sessions.
  • Head cells of GDG. This is the division of the group into abilities and interest.
  • Sitting arrangement during theory, practical, and teamwork class.
  • Protocols(supervisors, porters,instructors).
  • Aims and objectives.
  • Attitude of a programmer. Code of conduct.
  • Underpinning attitude of a programmer.

GDG is basically referred to as Google Developers group.We are a sub club under google club.GDG basically focuses on Coding,Apps,Creating Of Websites,Designing and so on.With this group we learn more on how to develop ourselves to become better programmers or developers.

On Friday the club was thought how to send bulk sms via our computer and the one who made the presentation was our former Google Ambassador Leonard Hagan.He directed as to a site called.mytxtbuddy
This bulk sms platform allow one to send text message from the computer to many mobile phone users instantly,according to Leo one can use this platform to send messages to student,club members,church members,wedding and many more.
Also another thing that was presented on was how to get a credit card online.With this one has to sign up to a job searching site called odesk with this platform one must get a job first,build his or her reputation very well and could apply for a credit card to which one could receive payment after  the job is than,also one can order for any payment system he or she wants aside the credit card.


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