The Alunini page show prospective past club president and executive who lead the club to a successfully and ensure that the club developed to a certain level before they left,these alumini are as follows:

Leonard Hagan (Google Student Ambassador)

Leonard hagan was the first Google Club President and Google Student Ambassador and was the one who set the pace for everyone to follow in his time in office people called him Mr.Google because of his wonderful job,because he was the first Google Student Ambassador he is know as the father of Google in Central University(CUC).In his time we did a lot of things which improved upon the lives of student, some of which are creating awareness of the google apps for education on campus,having first mapping party ever,went on our first barcamp ever which was sited in Accra,formed GDG(Google Develope Group)on campuse,thought the club members soo many thing,thing like gmail,docs,blogger and so on.

 Felix and leonard came together to form the Google Club CUC and was the assistant to Leo.Felix later became the Google Student Ambassador when Leonard term was over,He improved upon what ever leonard did in his term and his term of of office was better.Felix ensured that Student new about the google apps of education better,ensure that we had a good mapping party (his mapping party was the best),he also brought innovation ideas through hosting an event called the Angry Birds game event and it was interesting and fun,he also ensured that with the help of Leo and other collegues we hosted  Barcamp Tema and the event was intersting as a result of various speakers of various worth of life came to talk to student and person who attended that event.According to Observation Felix term was full fun,innovation and enjoyment

Henry was one was one of the executive employed by  Leo to work for him as the Treasurer of the club,so he was controlling most of the money we use to host event and do other staffs  during the term of Leonard and was very hard working during his time and ensured that thing went on properly in the jurisdiction he was deployed,he was a fine gentleman and hardworking one thing people would remember him of is the way he dresses(excutive)

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