Wednesday 6 November 2013


On the 31st October,2013 the Google Club was to have a hand on training one of google's apps called Google Groups,but unfortunately the internet service was very bad so the training could not take place. In the upsence of internet, my team and I decided to have a fun event.

The fun event involved dancing,trivia question and brain teasers(riddles). my team and I asked simple goggle questions and the audience and members answered favorable,the dance we organized were local dances like azonto,skela and ninetees dance and it was very awesome. Everybody was extremely excited. These are some videos from the meeting.

The battle was between our very own Olele vrs Emmanuel who treated the club to a very exciting time. After the fun event, former president of the Google Club Andy Akwei advised the club in general using a ten dollar note to teach members about life. The meeting was brought to a close after a prayer by one of our members.

Published by Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi                     
      Google Student Ambassador(GSA) and
           Immanuel Tofuah

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