Wednesday 5 March 2014

Update On Google Online Marketing Challenge(GOMC)

Here are some updates:

1) Launch of GOMC Website and Challenge: GOMC Competition has just launched! :) Important info and links below:

We want as many as possible to sign up for GOMC and for all of you who are AdClass trainers to track who is signing up. This competition will give your students practical experience with AW, bring businesses online for free with the possibility of coming to this year's OML if participants receive a good scoring! Below is more information.

2) AdClass Community: There are very few alums in the AdClass community - Can you all make sure that all your students are invited?? Here is info for how to get started with G+ and how to join a community

We are excited to announce that Professor Registration for the 2014 Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC 2014) is now open.

Now in its 7th year, the Google Online Marketing Challenge is a yearly global online marketing competition for students from higher education institutions around the world. Student teams develop and run a successful online advertising campaign using Google AdWords and Google+ for a real business or non-profit organization, using US$250 budget provided by Google. Winning teams are selected by Googlers and an independent Panel of Academics, based on the success of their campaign.

Apart from gaining hands-on digital marketing experience, students compete for some great prizes:
  • The global winners and their professor win a seven-day trip to San Francisco, including one day at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California, to meet Googlers from the AdWords, University Programs and Marketing teams.
  • The global winners also receive computing devices along with other Google products.
  • Digital devices for all global and regional winners across all categories including their mentoring professors.
  • Regional AdWords Business category winners, win trips to regional Google offices.
  • The opportunity to win donations worth a total of $30,000 for the non-profit partners
  • The opportunity to attend Online Marketing Lab if successful in scoring in the competition!

Over 65,000 students from almost 100 countries have participated in past years.

In order for student teams to participate in the competition, they first need to have a professor register. Professors can register from February 26th until May 14th. Please note that student registration will open March 5th.

For more information on the GOMC and how to register, visit our website and add the new GOMC G+ page to your circles!

So i entreat all members of the Google Club on the central university campuse to partake in this wonderful event

By:Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi(GSA)

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