Saturday 22 February 2014

Adclass 2014 On CUC Campuse

Adclass 2014 is the class which consist of 50 members or minimum 20 members,this class is an interactive class that would train student on  Central University College(CUC) campus on  google's plateform:Adword,AdSense,Admob,Analytics among others

This avenue would enable student to train,lead and equip fellow student for Google Online Marketing Challenge(GOMC) and expose to online marketing trends and enable them to achieve great results in the competition or challenge.If students are successful in the Adclass they would have the option of being invited to the online marketing lab.

The Adclass for Google Student Club on CUC Campus would provide student with the available resources that would boost their understanding the fundamental of Adwords and essential of online marketing tools,guidelines for AdSense,Analytics etc...

By: Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi(GSA)

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