Friday 21 February 2014

Google Online Marketing Challenge 2014

Once again another year has come for every university in the ecosystem of the world to partake in one of the  most prestigious digital marketing challenge organised by Google,the name of the challenge is called GOMC(Google Online Marketing Challenge)

With this challenge it gives student the chance to leverage on the various ways of marketing through Adwords,moreover it enable every participating who is a non-geek(any course) to get the advantage to partake in this wonderful initiative by Google,student who perform in the marketing of the business would be given prizes and cash prizes from google,also companies that were used for this campaign that won would also be given cash prizes.

Last year (2013) was a very exciting year for the GOMC because over 50,000 student and their professors took part in this competition powered by google in other to improve their Digital Marketing and skill and it was awesome,now its 2014 we looking up to a year that would competitiveness of student world wide.

To know more about 2013 winners and the prizes the won visit the GOMC site,take note that this competition is for student who are in the tertiary level

By: Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi


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